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Hal Davis

I arrrived in town in 2007, in time to enjoy the fruits of your early labors. Thank you. I found this, in the report, illuminating:

“We were able to grow into ourselves. It’s like having a plant that’s root-bound in its pot, and as soon as you replant it, it just blossoms.”

Life changed dramatically for the founding partners when they moved into their new home. Programs evolved, the number of participants and visitors surged, and budgets increased. Spirits lifted as each organization settled into space that was larger, more suitable to their needs, and beautiful.

The Loft
The transition
Board chair Liz Petrangelo remembers her surprise that the move into Open Book garnered so much national attention. “It made a splash because it was the first project of its type in the nation,” she recalls. “Literature just doesn’t have real estate. It’s a very private enterprise. Readers sit alone; writers sit alone and write. There’s no standard to create a destination for literature.” Suddenly The Loft had a public face.

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