"Quimby’s prose reads so true, it breaks the heart."


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A realtor’s boom-and-bust town needs a boost. Now there’s only one barrier to overcome: the people she’s supposed to help. 

Inhabited, a sister novel to Charlie Quimby's acclaimed Monument Road, returns to the Grand Valley of western Colorado to explore the dimensions of loss, the boundaries of compassion and the endurance of love. 


"The lives of Quimby’s finely drawn characters interweave to produce a panorama as wide and full of light as the near-desert setting. Even his minor figures add significantly to the whole, and his skillful and delightful turns of phrase make reading this evocative novel a pleasure."

Starred Review, Publishers Weekly 

"Inhabited is a dramatic, honest, humane portrait of a Colorado city in the throes of great change and great choice.  I’ve never read a book that 'gets' the contradictions of the region as well as this one."

Alyson Hagy, Author of Boleto


"My novels are about the complication of becoming a good person—how life is less a struggle between good and evil than between self and others. "

—Charlie Quimby


Monument Road, published October, 2013.

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MRCoverA mourning rancher drives with his wife's ashes along a familiar road. Memories and encounters seem like obstacles to his plan—or may be signs it’s not his final drive after all.


"Monument Road is so rich with landscape, character and event that such a small telling cannot begin to do it justice. Read this exquisite story; it is a joy and a wonder and a tour de force of authorship."

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